Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in the Kitchen

Blackboard colour is a hot product right now. The things paint brushes on like frequent colour, but once dry, it performs just like a chalkboard. Some people even use attractive colour as a platform protect so that the faux-chalkboard functions more like a real one.

Three Excellent Uses for Blackboard Paint

The style publications are complete of wonderful cooking areas that create good use of chalkboard areas on areas, areas, and even equipment. This information will concentrate on three of our preferred ways to use it in the cooking area area so that your exclusive variations will end up just as useful as they are wonderful.

1. Keep an Continuous Shopping List

Apply the colour to the fridge, the experience of a cupboard, or perhaps on the within of your kitchen entrance - wherever you are most likely to be status when you understand that you have run out of a very important component. Use your new chalkboard to keep a continuous grocery record. Take images of the record with your mobile phone and take it to the grocery store with you.

2. Brand Your Dry Goods

You can use adorable stencils to implement this specialised colour to your preferred cup or clay storage space jugs. This is a fantastic way to keep a record of dry products when your inventory moves by period. Apply colour to a little section (just enough for the name and time frame of the contents) or protect the whole thing. There are no guidelines for something as fun as chalkboard paint! Don't ignore that chalkboard colour comes in just about every shade under the sun, so you're not trapped with just the conventional natural or dark.

3. Make an Ever-Evolving Feature Wall

This is the first concept we ever had after finding the pleasures of chalkboard colour. Simply your chalkboard between a couple of windows, on a little areas, or even create a boundary near the roof. The alternatives are unlimited - the positioning doesn't even have to be practical, as long as you don't plan to create continuous changes. Use chalk indicators instead of frequent items of chalk to develop a amazing visual painting right on your cooking area area areas.

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